About Us

Imagine the best online solutions being provided under a single roof, SaazanTech is here to do just that. We are a web design and web development house that aims to providing the ultimate browsing experience to your customers. With the help of our experts, we aim to provide you a complete set of online solutions that help you connect to your target audience in the most compact manner.

Our Vision

We believe in complete customer satisfaction. Here at SaazanTech, we work day in and night out to ascertain that our clients are provided with customized solutions that match their requirements and stay within their pockets.
We achieve 100% client satisfaction by implementing three core strategies. They are:

  • Education,
  • Implementation, and
  • Review

Our experts constantly keep themselves updated with the latest online solutions and this is why we can confidently say that SaazanTech is best at what it does. The education is then implemented among the team and each member is assigned targets to achieve.
Each team member’s performance is reviewed and any mistakes are recognized well before they actually occur. This is why our clients get quantified results; no fluff and absolutely no filler. With the help of these three strategies, SaazanTech aims to provide state-of-the-art web design and development solutions to:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • NGOs and NFPs
  • Activists and pressure groups
  • Cooperatives
  • Enlightenment and awareness programs
  • Artists and celebrities
  • Bloggers and other internet personalities
Quality is what matters most to us

Our client’s satisfaction is what matters most to us, and the only way to keep them satisfied is by leaving no space for mistakes. Our gripping content coupled with bloat-free designs can create an impact that will surely get your target audience on their toes and leave them tempted to take action.
We take inspiration for our designs from everything and have in the past created website designs that have complimented the clients’ image well. The team of SaazanTech values the faith placed by our clients in our team and this is why we are committed to bringing forward online solutions that provide real-time results.

We always lead the herd

With creative and stellar design and interesting content, SaazanTech offers solutions that lead the competition. We believe our talented team will craft solutions for you that will put you in the limelight and allow you to connect to a large audience. Whether you are demanding a call for action or just wanting to benefit from daily viewership, with SaazanTech, all your goals will be achieved efficiently, economically and effectively.
Our experts understand the clients’ requirements and then respond with creative imagination and out of the box ideas to create something that is

  • Tempting,
  • Never seen before, and
  • Relevant
Long term relationships is what we thrive on

One reason why we at SaazanTech feel proud of being called a team is because of our aim to maintain long term working relationships with our clients. Our reputable clients keep on returning to us because we do NOT “just get it done and invoice them”.
Whether minor revisions are needed, or customized solutions are to be designed right from scratch; SaazanTech has always thrived on healthy long term relationships that make us as well as our clients happy.


"Always satisfied, and have used them many many times now... Definitely a diamond in the rough. I recommend them to anyone looking for great quality and speedy delivery"

(Reyad Ghosheh)