Web Design

There is nobody else that designs websites better than SaazanTech. Our designers use each component from scratch to build designs that sell. Our designs talk language that results in favorable action from the viewer. If you are looking for something that is out-of-the-box and creative, we can assure you we can help.
With years of experience in hand, our web designers fully understand the clients’ requirements and then use their imagination to craft something gripping. We use clear buttons that attract attention and therefore help elevate the overall web surfing experience of your visitor. Our designs can help you create the right impression on your target audience and make them believe that you are a brand name that believes in quality.

Our three principles to a beautiful design

SaazanTech promises to use HD imagery along with crisp and detailed banners to create a website design that does not bloat. The last thing your customers want is a flawed website that has a complicated menu or a sophisticated interface. Our designers keep the final user in mind and thus design the website that revolves around three basic principles:

  • Simplicity
  • Ease of use
  • Relevance
We understand your branding requirements

With the help of our experienced web designers, SaazanTech promises to bring your organization on the forefront and help you steal the spotlight. The design is the most important component in a website. If it is too dull, the customer won’t bother reading the content. If it gets too vibrant, the customer will not like it.
Therefore, our designers understand all your requirements and study your target audience before crafting design ideas that work. The result is a stellar bloat-free website that provides an ultimate web browsing experience.
Creating a website is not that difficult. What requires excellence is pushing the audience to take desirable action. With the help of our team, SaazanTech guarantees that your audience will hit the button. Our designs revolve around the final user to respond to the call for action.

Web Development

You’ve only got 5 seconds to make it happen!

Here at SaazanTech, we believe that you only have five seconds to make the customer realize whether he wants the offered products/services. These five seconds define if you will make a sale and whether the visitor will convert into a customer or not. In short, the first five seconds YOUR visitors view your website are the most important five seconds in the whole process.
We understand the importance of this very first impression and therefore bring solutions that make a bang. Your customers are tempted to click the “buy now” button and they are more than happy to pay you extra for your branding tactics.


We understand your aims of using the internet as your number one salesman. This is why, our experts can bring your e commerce solutions that will not only help you manage sales efficiently, but will also tempt your customers to come back again to shop more.
Our Ecommerce packages are designed specifically around the clients’ needs. This is why we are able to install e commerce stores and donation banks to your websites that make it very easy for you to receive orders and manage them. Here at SaazanTech, our Ecommerce team is constantly searching new ways of adding more facilities to our offered solutions.
If you want a store that accepts different currencies, or if you want multiple stores under the same website, let SaazanTech help you out.

Mobile App Development

While creating an app, our application development teams bear in mind four basic principles:

  • The UI
  • The layout
  • The adaptability to different platforms
  • The graphics

SaazanTech can craft custom mobile apps, not just for the public, but for specific purposes as well. If you want something that can be installed on your phone, for example, to keep connected with your employees, we can help you out.
With SaazanTech, all your apps will have such crisp details it will be hard for a smartphone user to keep his/her phone from downloading it. We know exactly how to create apps that can trigger thousands of downloads. You can also check our recent projects for application development in our portfolio.


When it comes to managing the content on your website/blog, nothing can help you as effectively as our Content Management Systems. With our help, managing the content can be as easy as clicking a button. We deliver topnotch CMS integration facilities to help you take charge of what is being displayed on your website. Our experts understand both open-source as well as custom CMS.

Web Hosting

It is important that your website is hosted by a server that stays online 25/8/366 and never lags. The average customer only wishes to give in five seconds to click and wait for the link to open into a window. If your link is broken, your customers might not care about giving the link another try.
Therefore, the hosting server you choose for your website can determine whether your online branding strategy is successful or not.
Our customer support is always there to entertain all our clients’ queries and complaints. We work hard to maintain the standard of hosting services we provide and have the best equipment in place to host your website and keep it viral round the clock.

For hosting packages, please contact us at


SaazanTech can bring your website to the top and provide you guaranteed rankings that last long. We have a complete SEO department dedicated solely for SEO purposes. Our experts have years of experience on their resumes optimizing website belonging to specified niches.

100% white-hat SEO tactics to help you stay at the top of the league

We are not at all about short term results. Our results spread over a long span of time and healthy white-hat SEO practices can help you enjoy top rankings for a number of months to come. With our SEO experts, we are confident that all your keywords will be optimized and only the relevant audience will be brought to your website.
Contact us today via phone or leave us a message and we will get back to you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


"Always satisfied, and have used them many many times now... Definitely a diamond in the rough. I recommend them to anyone looking for great quality and speedy delivery"

(Reyad Ghosheh)